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MBA of St. Louis has been our local industry’s caretaker since 1928.  As the second oldest chapter in our nation, we have always relied upon our local leaders to ensure mortgage bankers’ prosperous future and strong reputation.

To that end, we are sending this to our respected business members to help us identify the emerging leaders in their organization that can help shape the future of mortgage banking through their active participation.

MBA of St. Louis is accepting nominations for our innovative Emerging Leaders program.    Through this program, your valued employee(s) will learn more about the mortgage industry and gain leadership skills while becoming an active member of MBA of St. Louis.  Our goal is to help you develop your employee(s) by expanding the depth of their knowledge and broadening their horizons.

As you know, there is no “formal” education available that accurately details the mortgage process.  Our Emerging Leaders program is designed to give employees an overview of the loan flow from application to lien release.  Our group will visit several area companies in order to gain valuable insight into departmental structures, purposes, challenges and solutions.  In addition, we will provide training covering self-assessment, communication skills, and employee motivation.

In addition to our private group training sessions, we would also like your employee(s) to commit to attending the general membership meetings as a way to supplement the in-depth training they will receive.  The overall cost for tuition for the Emerging Leaders program is minimal, but the benefits will greatly enhance your employees’ knowledge and skills.

Tuition for each accepted nominee from your company is $250.  Space in the Emerging Leaders program is limited, so please send your nominations by January 29th.  The nominees accepted into the Emerging Leaders Class of 2016 will be announced at the general membership meeting on February 18th.  Invoices will be sent after announcement.

Attached is our schedule of events.  If you would like to volunteer your company for one of the departmental site visits listed with “TBA” for location, please contact Jessica McKinney, jmckinne@midwestbankcentre.com or Melissa Walker, melissa_walker@cmc-mo.com



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